The place to find Provenance’s open access and open source work and resources. Provenance is a social enterprise enabling impact-led commerce. We must all buy less, but when we do need to buy products, their impact on people and the planet should be a key driver in our purchase choice. We are on a mission for every product to come with the information needed to enable this.

Proof Points

A technology developed by Provenance to help businesses communicate impact with integrity.


The categorised list of Proof Points: Set of claims or impact statements a business can make about themselves, another business or a product*. Feedback and contributions are welcome.

Integrity Council

The Provenance Integrity Council is a group of independent stakeholders selected to help us navigate the complexities of transparent and traceable supply chains and keep us accountable externally.

Trusted verifiers

A registry of organisations Provenance and advisors have selected and deemed trustworthy to verify specific Proof Points. Verifers employ various auditing and validation techniques, which can be both human and/or machine.


See a Proof Point on the web that you want to check is valid? Visit this page and enter the Proof Point’s ID to see its details and check its authenticity.


We welcome feedback, use and contributions from those interested in enabling impact-led commerce through technology. Here you’ll find a full specification, javascript libraries, and links to open source code and public ethereum addresses.

Get Involved

Buying is voting. Today we don’t have enough information about the products we buy to enable our purchases to reflect our values. Join Provenance on a mission to bring transparency with integrity to supply chains and to the impact behind products.

Provenance Software

Provenance runs a software service application for businesses in consumer goods supply chains, including brands, retailers and suppliers. The software enables supply chain and impact transparency with integrity. For more information, please visit provenance.org.